dungeon a day.jpgMr. D&D, Monte Cooke, has proudly announced the release of a new website under his direction: Dungeon A Day. The concept is pretty neat and is worth the attention of the RPG-minded. Essentially, the main feature of the Dungeon A Day is the daily expansion of an old-school style campaign, taking advantage of the features of the web with many of the modern approaches to presenting dungeons. Per Monte:

Dungeonaday.com describes Dragon’s Delve, a mysterious (mega-)dungeon of vast size, fascinating secrets, and great danger. It includes such locales as the Font of Dreams, the Domain of the Venom Cult, the Prison of the Red Saint, the Aberrant Laboratory, the Sprawl of the Demon Leige, and the Secret City. It offers weird and wild encounters with the Bestial Host, the Insidious Kings, swarm-demon Czarzem the Wicked, and the Prince of Dragons. It holds treasures and secrets like the Twelve Secret Sigils, Sao’s Bones, and the mystical wendways. But the adventure includes much more than just a dungeon. Dungeonaday.com also describes the surrounding area (filled with intriguing ruins), the nearby town of Brindenford (which is far more involved in the goings-on than it first appears), side trips to a mysterious island and an extradimensional tesseract, and forays into strange other planes. And that’s just for starters. Seriously.

Dungeon A Day will also host a new blog by Monte covering various aspects of the roleplaying hobby and the obligatory community functions (forums, comments, etc). The site launches next week and should be worth checking out – if for no other reason than the steady stream of new content from one of the genre’s masters.