Method for playing a basketball board game – The game Spot-a-Shot.

Board game – A design patent. I don’t recognize the board, but it looks like presidents around a U.S. map.


Gaming device and method featuring chess indicia – This is a slot machine with Chess piece pictures on the wheels. I can’t figure out to whom this would appeal.

System and method for skill based games of chance – The duplicate part of duplicate poker. Leaving aside that this is another patent for something rather obvious, the company which founded Duplicate Poker is out of business and owes its affiliates half a million dollars. Maybe they can sell the patent.

Story telling game and apparatus – A card game. Each player gets a few cards, and on his or her turn, has to tell a story about the card with a beginning, middle, and end. Players get judged on creativity, interest, and time and score points.

System and method of playing a multi-game card tournament – A card game tournament where each team of players has to play poker, rummy, and bridge.

Multiplicity of dice boardless game – A dice game with 12 dice, 9 rounds, and a series of goals for each round.

Board Game – The game Kids For Chemistry.

Scent-based board game – The game P.U. Smells.

Card game – A card game/toy where you have to reconstitute an image from a fan of cards threaded around an axle:


But it’s not just parts of the image on different cards. The image is formed from little pieces of the images on other cards through careful obscuration. Kind of like the folding picture on the last page of a Mad magazine.

I didn’t understand what the “game” part is.

Hardway – I’m pretty sure this refers to the horse racing/craps game Hardway. One particularly amusing note from the patent:

In my previous non-provisional application (No. 10/051,947–filing date Jan. 22, 2002), I was unaware of the USPTO website containing search capabilities on previous patents.–Having Now searched this website, I have found some existing or expired patents that have some similar features to my game, which I previously knew nothing about.

He then goes on to list why these games are different from his.

Super royal video poker – Poker with two decks of cards with distinct backs. A super royal flush is a royal flush where all cards are from the same deck of cards, and it pays out higher than a normal royal flush. Patent also goes on about the UI for a device that plays this.