200903281253.jpgHero Games has announced that they will be releasing the 6th edition of their venerable Hero System in August. This 6th of the rules reflects changes based on the experiences of lead designer (and long time industry veteran), Steve Long as well as changes they felt would enhance the release of the Champions MMO later this year by Mythic Entertainment (the Hero System is the underlying rules system for Champions) – though rumor has it that some of the changes will allow the translation of characters from the MMO to the pen and paper RPG. The first two books in the new line will be released at Gencon:      

  • The Hero System 6th Edition: Characters which seems to be a player’s handbook of sorts for $39.99
  • The Hero System 6th Edition: Combat and Adventuring (not Advertising as has been reported elsewhere…) which looks like it will have the basic game mechanics and will sell for $39.99

Hero Games will be releasing a number of other books this year to support the release, including a shortened rulebook (128 pages is shortened???), a martial arts sourcebook and a new version of the Champions Universe sourcebook (a who’s who in the Champions superhero universe).