age-of-steam-3rd-editionEven the world of hobby games isn’t immune to business disputes and personality conflicts. So it is that the 3rd edition of Martin Wallace’s classic Age of Steam has been published by FRED Distribution under a cloud. Mr. Wallace claims trademark and copyright infringement by Winsome Games, the developer. An alternate version is being developed by Mr. Wallace’s own company, Warfrog, and published by Mayfair. This one will just be called Steam.

Age of Steam is a classic train game, requiring players to construct rail lines and deliver goods between cities. It’s known to be unforgiving of mistakes during play, but this is one of the factors that makes it a favorite of hardcore strategy gamers. With pent up demand, a small print run, and bonus maps of Barbados and St. Lucia included, the 3rd edition is already gone at the publisher level. If you want a copy, you’ll have to act fast.