warmachine_video_game.jpgThe attached graphic was posted on the Privateer Press forums over the weekend and created an understandable stir. The picture itself is from the Game Developers Conference (GDC), an industry trade show for software developers, producers and artists that has a reputation for serving as a showcase for new developments. Unfortunately, the man himself, PPS_Kevin (guardian of the PP forums), provided the details today:

The screenshot taken at GDC is of a technical demo created by Emergent to showcase their latest middleware product release and features the WARMACHINE intellectual property. While this is not an *actual* game, it is about five minutes of fun demonstrating what warjacks might look like in a video game environment. We have a fantastic article coming in next month’s No Quarter that will tell you all about Emergent’s efforts and how they brought a little piece of WARMACHINE to life on the computer.


We’re trying to track down a video of the demo so that we can all drool uncontrollably. In the interim, we can all look forward to the next issue of No Quarter…