chess_for_successChess for Success is a Portland, OR area program that uses Chess programs in school to teach more than just Chess. The founders claim that the benefits of playing Chess produce children more able to concentrate, strategize, and succeed in all areas of school.

Chess clubs provide children with a concerted activity that increases their capacity and willingness to acquire and apply new knowledge and skills. They are attracted to chess because it is a game and as they learn how to play they are eager to try out their new skills on the board. Chess teaches children how to adapt to changes and challenges – they may think they know how to win the game and then their opponent makes a move that causes them to rethink their strategy. It also teaches them how to make wise choices, solve problems and try new approaches. These skills are sustainable and useful lifelong. Learning to play chess enhances the cognitive, emotional, and social development of children.

The program has reached dozens of schools and thousands of children, and costs next to nothing. The site indicates that the program was started by Richard Roy; source indicates that the program was founded by Phillip Margolin. Hmmm…