heroclix.jpgBad news for the Heroclix faithful – according to ICv2, negotiations between Topps and Pinata/Save Heroclix (ICv2 wouldn’t actually name Pinata/Save Heroclix for some reason) have collapsed. Per ICv2’s “anonymous sources”, the talks have stalled over issues with financing, with some rumors claiming outright misrepresentation. On the other hand, over at Save Heroclix, Jake Theis has posted a response that basically asks supporters to not believe everything they read. Rather than get involved in the drama, let’s take a look at what all of this means for everyone’s favorite collectible superhero miniature game:

  • Expect a new Heroclix expansion (Hammer of Thor) this year one way or another
    => Rumors are indicating that if a deal isn’t reached, Topps will put the expansion out themselves
  • Expect Heroclix to be sold or nearly sold this year
    => Topps has proven that they don’t want this property any more and there were multiple suitors before Pinta/Save Heroclix
  • Don’t expect any new Heroclix at GenCon this year
    => There’s been a bit of speculation on this, but unless the molds are already done, there is little chance a set could be in full production with packaging, art and painting prior to GenCon

Hopefully, we’ll have some word form Pinata/Save Heroclix (or better yet, Topps) concerning the fate of Heroclix in the next few days…