kids_countKids Count is a board game from The National Financial Institute at Indiana State University.

A word about this institute: it’s abbreviation is NFI, pronounced “nuffi”, or perhaps “unffi”. It’s abbreviation should actually be NFIAISU, but that pronunciation tended to elicit a response of “Bless you, quite a cold you’ve got going there.” The institute’s mission is, according to its website:

… to facilitate broad, collaborative thinking, dialogue and progress in the evolving financial services marketplace through three targeted initiatives: Develop future financial services industry leaders, Improve financial literacy of current and future consumers, Improve financial services industry decision-making innovation and progress.

I’m guessing that this was written by a marketer, rather than, oh, say a sane human being that actually communicates in English. Lucky for me, I have my market-speech to English translation tool handy. It tells me that the institute’s mission is “to educate people about money: create financial educators, educate consumers, educate investors.” There, that wasn’t so hard now, was it?

Now, where were we?

Ah yes, they have, of course, created an educational board game called Kids Count. You travel around a the board answering questions meant to educate you on money management.