REDBLOK.jpgIn an attempt to prove that I don’t know what I’m talking about, Rackham has announced a new plan to make their pre-painted miniature games, AT-43 and Confrontation, more accessible to new players. Starting in July, Rackham will be releasing Army Boxes for their games – essentially an army in a box. Each box contains a single army of about 2000 (that’s a mid to large sized army) points and about $200 worth of miniatures with a bunch of faction-specific extras (posters, books, etc) for $70 US. The releases will be:  

  • July: Cogs (a faction of Therians) and the Revolutionary Forces (a Red Blok faction) for AT-43
  • September: Army of the Lion and Army of the Wolf

I’m not going to lie – this will be the best deal in the miniatures industry bar none. It’s definitely the sort of thing I would buy (assuming Rackham could fix their distribution issues and figured out how to get product to actual store shelves…)