firebasebanner.jpgFor those who aren’t into the Games Workshop line of products, you may not have noticed that White Dwarf, GW’s flagship magazine, raised their price to a whopping $10 an issue. The cry from the community has been pronounced and visceral. Never ones to simply sit back and take it on the chin, Purple Pawn is proud to present our list of some of the best webzines currently available – high quality, free and filled with content, there’s something here for everyone (we’re purposely avoiding the pay magazines at the moment – we’ll hit the pros later).

  • Firebase – Firebase is a long running, if infrequently published, webzine dedicated to Warhammer 40K; in a lot of ways, its similar to White Dwarf in its current form, but with less bias and more content
  • The Freeboota – The Freeboota is a new webzine developed by a group of 40K Radio fans (collectively known as Freebootaz) who decided that White Dwarf used to be cool and useful, so they basically made their own version – there’s only been one issue so far, but its definitely worth checking out
  • Warp Rift – Not every webzine is dedicated to 40K, some are dedicated to other GW properties! Warp Rift fills the hole left when GW’s own BFG magazine ceased publication; WR is focused on fluff and campaign play and features some great artwork
  • Dark Magenta – Dark Magenta is a shockingly text heavy webzine dedicated to the Inquisitor adventure game from GW; production values are a bit plain on this one, but the content is amazingly thorough
  • The Word of Hashut – Probably the most obscure webzine on this list, WoH is dedicated to the Chaos Dwarfs faction within Warhammer Fantasy Battle – yeah, I know the Chaos Dwarfs aren’t even a recognized faction anymore, but don’t tell these guys – great content and artwork is hard to argue with…
  • Skavenblight Gazette – Not to be outdone by overcompensating dwarves (do you have a better explanation for those hats?), the Skavenblight Gazette is also dedicated to Warhammer Fantasy Battle, but focuses on those sneaky ratmen, the skaven
  • Fictional Reality – Proving that not every miniature game webzine is dedicated to Games Workshiop, FR is a general miniature gaming webzine, covering a variety of games including Warmachine, Infinity and others; light on artwork, but heavy on pictures and content, FR is probably your best bet for broad-spectrum miniature gaming
  • Hall of Fire – Hall of Fire is dedicated to providing content for players and narrators of the Lord of the Rings RPG from Decipher; great layout and focus, but a little short for a monthly publication
  • See Page XX – See Page XX is published by Pelgrane Press, but differs from a lot of house magazines in that it covers content beyond their own products (though there’s certainly a lot of great content for Trail of Cthulhu); the format is a bit inconvenient (SP XX is presented as a set of web pages rather than a PDF) but the material is excellent
  • Signs & Portents – Signs & Portents is Mongoose Publishing‘s house magazine, covering the range of their products; great content and artwork, this one is great for fans of Mongoose’s games (Victory at Sea seems to get particular attention)

If you know of any we missed, post them in the comments!