warmachine_mkii.pngWell I’ve finally finished plowing through the Warmachine Mark II rules and even have a few games under my belt, so it seemed like time to share my first impressions. For those who haven’t been through the rules yet, here are the big changes:

  • Power attacks no longer have penalties
  • Most jacks have had their MAT and DEF increased
  • Warcasters are free and give free points that can be used for warjacks
  • Every single unit has been redone, with many losing special abilities (though most abilities are now standardized)
  • Advance deployment is only up to 6″ from the deployment zone
  • The process for death is very explicit

So how does it play? It plays like Warmachine to be honest, but less so. With all of the reductions in ability, the game feels far less like Warmachine. warjacks definitely pack a bigger punch with the new rules, but they’re still no match for an elite infantry unit. Many of my favorite units definitely got nerfed, particularly Goreshade who doesn’t seem as viable as he once was (a common complaint being voiced on the forums). The game definitely seems slower paced and less combo-based than it once was, but in a lot of ways, that’s what made Warmachine special. If you’ve ever played Warmachine, you really owe it to yourself to check out the new rules. Maybe the worst criticism I’ve heard came from my son who finished up a game and asked “Can we play Warhammer now?”