wizkidsWhat’s happening with the people and products of Wizkids?

According to ICv2, several former WizKids employees will be releasing a miniature line called Arcane Legions under the imprint Wells Expeditions, a child of Compound Fun. Compound Fun will also re-release former WizKids product Tsuro under the imprint Calliope Games.

I can’t find any web information for a game company called “Wells Expeditions”, nor “Calliope Games”, nor “Compound Fun”. The name “Arcane Legions” is heavily associated with a planned RPG/RTS video game from Slitherine Software UK which was never released, as near I as can tell. Also, I can find no corroborating sources for this news. ICv2 has pics (source). I’m envious; where do they get their info from? (source)

Catalyst Game Labs, makers of Classic Battletech and Shadowrun minis that were sold via WizKids, had teamed up with (the not yet existant) Pinata Games in order to buy back the rights to these lines in order to market them on their own (or relicense them), but Topps, despite closing Wizkids, kept the Shadowrun license for itself. Catalyst announced that they were changing the name of “Classic Battletech” to “Battletech”, but it is unclear to me if they have yet gained the license back. And the status of Heroclix, another Wizkids property, is also still up in the air.

In the meantime, as long as they are talking business, Catalyst and Pinata are going forward with plans for new games, produced by Catalyst and marketed by Pinata. (source)