10_jahre_aleaAlea didn’t start the Eurogames movement, but it’s done a whole lot to make it the greatness it is today. Starting with 1999, Alea has put out some of the most revered titles in the game industry: Ra, Chinatown, Taj Mahal, Princes of Florence, Winner’s Circle, Traders of Genoa, Puerto Rico, Edel Stein & Reich, San Juan, Louis XIV, Notre Dame, and In the Year Of The Dragon, to name about half of their games. They produce games only in German; Rio Grande Games (or occasionally another publisher, such as Z-Man Games) imports them and translates them into English.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, they’ve published “10 Jahre alea – Schatzkiste”, or “10 Years of Alea – Treasure Chest”. The box contains expansions to six of their best games. That’s right: six expansions in one box, some of them a long time coming and highly anticipated:

  • Puerto Rico: new buildings and a new type of colonist – nobles – that change the functionality of some buildings.
  • San Juan: new buildings (finally!) and event cards that get mixed into the deck.
  • Notre Dame: nine variant person cards (3 for each stages A, B, and C)
  • In the Year Of The Dragon: A new action sequence for building walls which gives various benefits, and a deck of ten super events, one of which takes place after round seven.
  • Witch’s Brew: A 6th player, ‘magic abilities”, and amulets which prevent people from blocking roles you select.
  • Louis XIV: A personal influence card for each player which has four options, one of which can be executed each round.

When will it be available in English? I just got an email from Jay Tummelson of Rio Grande Games who says he is finishing the translation now, so it should be available in about 10 weeks.

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