6 Nimmt (aka Slide 5, Take 6, Category 5, and several dozen other names in various languages) is a simple card game with cards numbered 1 to 104. Each turn all players simultaneously choose and reveal a card, and then they queue them to one of four columns, high number on low number. If you play the sixth card onto a column, or your card can’t go onto any column, you take the/a column and it’s points. Points are bad. Simple.

Now there’s a junior version: 6 Nimmt Junior. With the name “Junior”, you just know there has to be animals on the cards. Junior has the same basic game play, but you have to fit the animals into the sheds, each of which can only hold one of each type of animal. And points are good at the end of the game.

While checking out 6 Nimmt Junior, I noticed a series of other games in the “Kid’s games” section of the Alea site, all called “Wendy [title]”, e.g. Wendy Halli Galli. That refers to Wendy, a popular kid’s culture magazine in Germany. Go branding!