citow.pngChances are, you’ve heard about Fantasy Flight Games‘ newest boardgame, Chaos in the Old World. For those who missed it – Chaos in the Old World is a 4-player game where each player controls one of the Warhammer (yup, Games Workshop‘s Warhammer) four gods of chaos (Khorne the blood god, Nurgle the father of plagues, Tzeentch the changer of ways and Slaanesh the prince of pleasure) as they attempt to expand their control over the Old World – at the expense of their fellow gods of course! FFG has posted the website for the new game and revealed a bit more about the gameplay and shown some of the outstanding artwork for the game – and details on the giveaways included in the first print run, two rare items for the Warhammer MMO: a Signet of the Cursed Company (transforming your character into a skeletal warrior) and the Call to War (a device that teleports the player to their home city). FFG – you had me at hello. Chaos in the Old World will be available this fall (no price has been set).

EDIT: Named the correct MMO…how embarrassing….