chaotic_logo4Kids is pushing hard against the recession, and wants to make its current flagship product – Chaotic TCG – a success, come what may.

Their latest pitch is Chaotic beverages in four flavors:

  • Dragon Fruit (Caffeine-Free) / Power Pulse / Inspired by Chaor
  • Blood Orange / Mind Strike / Inspired by Rath’tab
  • Grape Punch / Elixir of Tenacity / Inspired by Maxxor
  • Kiwi Melon – Sour / Fearocity / Inspired by Lord Van Bloot

If you know what all that means, lucky you. Each drink costs $2.50, or you can get 4 for $10 with a free booster pack. Each drink’s tab has a code on the inside that does something on the site.

We are confident that both Chaotic fans, as well as consumers new to the brand, will find that this product provides a fun, healthy, thirst-quenching experience. – Carlin West, Executive Vice President, Acquisitions & Development, 4Kids Entertainment