eXperience the Game, which premiered at (was demonstrated at?) an event called “X the BS”, is a spiritual / communication / goal achievement tool with a board, cards, a sand timer, and a die.

The site is full of accolades and mystical terminology, and I waded through a whole lot of it and still didn’t understand what the heck they were talking about. The law of attraction might have something to do with it. I believe the gist is that after you play this game, not only you but the entire world will be happy and fulfilled.

I’m certain that the developers will: a basic game package costs $195, including $64 for four hours of training, they sell an illuminated “lifeboard” for $1,250, scenario creation (whatever that is) is $1,800 plus $250/year, and some kind of “Ultimate Manifestation” game (associated with Steve Sakane) sells for $33,333 and comes with $11,111 in cash, gold, coins and other precious jewels, tuning forks, essential oils, and so on.

Maybe you can figure it out from their video promo: