14995SWCMG_JediAcademy-lg.JPGICV2 has managed to secure the first previews of the upcoming Star Wars miniatures set, Jedi Academy. You’ll need to go over to their site to check out the pics of the two minis (Darth Sidious, Sith Master and Grand Master, Luke Sykwalker – I’m not going to deprive them of the hits!). The pics are excellent quality and show fairly typical SW mini paint jobs (nothing special), but the pics also include the stat cards. Both of them look like solid characters, though Sidious looks insanely good for just 57 points. This set will probably be a must-have for collectors, covering a period of the Star Wars canon that has a lot of love from fans. Star Wars Miniature boosters (still) come with 7 pre-painted figures and (still) retail for $14.99 (US).