dd-booksI bring you today stories of two roleplayers, each finding his own way to dedicate his time to the hobby he loves. The first is Logan Horsford, who, we learn from an interview on Roleplaying Tips, games 40 hours a week. Most of that time he’s running games using a system of his own design called Heroic Cthulhu. Not content to just play games at the level of a full-time job, Logan also records his games and makes the audio available for download.

The second is Johnny Tek, proprietor of Storyteller Solutions. After roleplaying for 10 years, being active in a local gamer organization, and working as a judge and event organizer for the RPGA, Johnny decided to take his gaming to the next level. He now offers his services as a professional storyteller and game master. For $84, he’ll run a 4-5 hour session of D&D for 4-6 players using your choice of a published module or off-the-shelf original adventure. Custom adventure design costs extra.