ghost_corp_logoGhost Corp is a new company aiming to create some kind of mix of stories and games simultaneously. I tried to figure it out – really, I did – but I’m pretty much confused.

They’ve got a main site which looks like a blog. They call their game/story mix “Hybrid Media Universes (HMU)”. Their first HMU – or story – is Blak Universe. The first story in Blak Universe is Dirtgirl. The first game in the Blak Universe is Cell, or perhaps Cell:Prime. Or Cell:Prime is the name of the free downloadable version of Cell. It appears to be a light card-driven cyberpunk combat game for 2 to 4 players.

Blak Universe has its own site/blog, but it’s called Blak Net. This site links to the Cell: Prime download and Dirtgirl, and also to something called Space Warfare rules, which looks to be in development.

I think that’s the gist. I’m not entirely sure how the storytelling fits into the games; perhaps something like the story of Dominia and Magic: the Gathering?