hasbro_family_game_nightHasbro recently presented Hasbro Family Game Night, containing electronic versions of Boggle, Battleship, Yahtzee, Connect Four, Sorry, and Sorry Sliders[1] for the Nintendo Wii ($36), Playstation 2 ($20), and Xbox 360 ($10 for each individual game).

Along comes HFGN 2, with Operation, Jenga, Bop It, Pictureka, and Connect 4 x 4.

OK, first of all: Bop It? Really? You’re simulating an electronic game as a virtual reality electronic game?

Second of all, I never heard of Connect 4×4. Aside from seeing that it’s some sort of Connect Four game for four players and a double grid of some sort, I still don’t know anything about it. But the physical game is scheduled for release on July 1.

HFGN 2 will be released in a version for the Nintendo DS, which will include the games from HFGN 1, as well.


[1] Actually, different sources indicate different combinations of these games, so I’m not entirely sure which ones are available.