Singer Coco Love Alcorn loves geeks, including the gamer kind. Her upcoming CD, Joyful, includes the song “Intellectual Boys”:

Hey who’s that over there
playin’ D&D
I’m thinkin’ that he
could be the one for me
he’s got a calculus book
and a geeky look
and a little peek at me
I think he just took

I like boys
intellectual boys
they know the metal alloys
collect sci-fi toys
I like boys
intellectual boys
they think they like Diana Troi’s
they need to taste my joys…

and if you’re in the chess club
huh a bub that’s even better
’cause a well played end game
gets me…
check mate I’ll be your pawn
and you can be my knight
’cause I know that your logical
thinking skills are tight
so let your king lay back
and with my queen I’ll attack
a little later I can be
your bishop’s midnight snack
rook rollin’ it all the way
that’s the way I play
since 1986
I’ve been known to say…

[hat tip]