master_malaysiaThe Malaysian Translation Institute (MTI), a company Laman Lestari Sdn Bhd, and the Malaysian Ministry of Education have a new board game. It was luanched by Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin at the Terengganu Trade Centre on Saturday in conjunction with the National Teachers Day celebration.

Feeling the excitement grow?

No? Maybe some of this ad copy will help (and I navigated through half a dozen Very Large Flash pages to get you this, so appreciate it):

The main thrust of the game is to impart knowledge of Malaysia to either two or four players. The positive aspect here is that the game enables a “win-win situation” for all. Whether the player is a winner or a loser there are benefits to be obtained by participation.

While the winning player is able to reveal and revel in his knowledge of the country and also the pride he takes in it, the player who does not win, succeeds in another sense: he is able to learn more about his country and hopefully this will also instil [sic] a sense of pride in the country within him.

But is this game only meant for Malaysians? The answer is really a resounding NO, for it can be efficiently used to spread accurate knowledge about the country overseas and in doing so Malaysia will once again garner a first in being able to help educate the world in a novel manner about the nation.

Still not feeling it? Take a look at the bonus points: Board Definition chart on the game rules page. 1e AD&D players and war gamers should feel right at home.

Master Malaysia TV is coming soon.