chart.jpgSo…judging from the number of searches looking for Purple Pawn articles on Games Workshop price increases, it seems that everyone is a bit surprised that we aren’t bothering to report on the latest round of price hikes by GW. So why didn’t we cover this particular price hike? Because its pretty much a non-event.

Really. You can get the full list of changes from this Dakka Dakka post (for US prices, UK prices can be found over at Warseer), but the changes essentially boil down according to our handy dandy pie chart. The first thing that should catch your attention is that nearly half of GW’s items had less than a 5% change in price – to put it in perspective, that’s about $2.50 on a $50 model. And to be clear, that’s half of the items that were actually adjusted (which admittedly includes new items – the total is closer to 25% if new issues are excluded) – this entire list is estimated to be about a third of GW’s current retail offerings. The majority of increases were between 5% and 10% and all of those items were already (and still are) under $50 retail, with most of them being smaller boosters and boxed sets. The biggest sticker shock items for most gamers will be the $50 boxed sets which are now $57.50 mostly (not across the board) and the starter sets which jumped up by $15+ (which still makes Assault on Black Reach a good deal, but not the shockingly good deal it once was). All in all, this is a pretty small set of changes. Sure, there’s something on the list that’s sure to annoy nearly every GW fan (the techmarine increase to $41.25 is my personal bugaboo…), but in the grand scheme of things, this is a pretty light-weight price increase. And that’s why we aren’t covering it.