Greencastle, PA: 5 men scam $200 from a man in a card game. (source)

North Middleton, PA: 4 men try to rob a man at a card game, but he rebuffs them. (source)

Dublin, Ireland: Man shot in both knees. His enemies found him on his way to a card game. (source)

Miami, FL: Five shot while gambling outside a house, in the same area were several were shot a few weeks ago while gambling. (source)

Panama City, FL:  Woman kills self and another in a DUI returning intoxicated from a dice game. (source)

Carmel, NY: One man stabs another with a broken beer bottle at a card game. (source)

Fort Wayne, IN: Here’s a tip off to aspiring criminals: after stealing $136,000 from your employer (Walmart) and hoofing it to a gmabling den, don’t sit down at the card table and start threatening everyone around you with harm. It just gets the police called on you. (source)