Bessemer, AL: A card game erupts into a 30 man street brawl with guns, leaving two dead (not the card players). (source)

Holt, AL: One shoots another over a disputed $100 in a dice game. (source)

Pattaya, Thailand: 13 gamblers playing Hi Lo (dice game) were arrested when a neighbor complined that they were making too much noise. (source)

Sumter, SC: Agents search man’s house for child pornography and find it. They also find him operating a gambling house. One of the players arrested claims that they were just a bunch of friends playing cards, not gamblers, and that they knew nothing about the child porn. (source)

New Orleans, LA: Woman slashes a man in the face at a card game. No reason given, but she has a prior, also for stabbing someone. (source)