purplepawnHallo, everyone.  My name is Phil Kilcrease, the newest contributor to Purple Pawn.  I’ll be posting occasionally on the site with a focus on Indy Publishing (such as Taktika and Cornerstone), L5R and possibly even some board game design.  Some quick facts about me…

  • Home Base:  Salt Lake City
  • Gaming Preferences:  (Nearly) Anything
  • Currently Playing:  Battlestar Galactica, Red November, L5R, Race For The Galaxy
  • L5R Clan:  Spider  (Daigotsu will own your face.)
  • Current number of prototypes in development: 14

That’s about it… I look forward to helping keep you in the know on the latest in the board game industry along with the rest of the Purple Pawn crew.

The table is yours,


Edited for minor spelling