perf6.000x9.000.inddSo here’s a game that’s not really about anything in particular. I’m not talking about yet another generic rules system. Instead, with the simple concept that players are amnesiacs in group therapy, A Penny for My Thoughts opens up a whole range of storytelling possibilities. The game is entirely focused on character development, but there’s practically no limit to what you can do with that. The design is elegant. Each player is charged with reconstructing a character’s past life from elements suggested by the other players. With minimal structure however, most notably the passing of pennies, the game provides everything necessary to build those memories. So it’s not about anything in particular, but it doesn’t leave you lacking for inspiration. No action takes place in current game time, but anything can be added to a character’s back-story. As players, you start with almost nothing except the idea that your characters have forgotten everything. Then with a few simple tools, you do like the sculptor, slowly chip away until the truth is revealed.

A Penny For My Thoughts, from Evil Hat Productions and designer Paul Tevis, is currently available for preorder. For an extra cent, you get the PDF now.