aegAlderac Entertainment Group (AEG) is known for its lines of CCGs (7th Sea, Legend of the Five Rings) and RPGs (FarScape, StarGate SG-1).

Seems like they’re about to bust out into the board game world. They’ve recently released one board game and have a boatload more ready to land.

  • The new wave started last year with Tomb. “Recruit a party. Kill the monsters. Take their stuff.” They’re obviously aiming at crossing over the RPG players to board gaming. More info on the website. BGG opinion appears to be radically divided.
  • This year brings us The Adventurers. Preview at GenCon, for sale at Essen, and released in October, The Adventurers is co-produced with Dust Games. Looks like another dungeon delve, this time in the booby-trapped temple.
  • Another co-production with Dust Games scheduled for release in October, Arcana uses a Dominion-like mechanic of playing for stake cards which then get shuffled into you deck for you to use later in the game.
  • In Abandon Ship, scheduled for the summer, you need your rats to collect cheese and abandon the ship before it sinks. Control of the rats may be shared by more than one player.
  • The Isle of Dr Nereaux‘s release is currently unscheduled. It’s a cooperative card game about saving the world.
  • Monkey Lab is scheduled for release next month. Roam the halls of the lab breaking cages and avoiding the guard.
  • Myth Pantheons gives you challenges as a deity in five domains. Currently unscheduled.
  • Pressure Matrix, unscheduled, is a futuristic arena game with random tile setup.

That’s an ambitious release schedule.