originslogo.gifGamers can be an odd bunch – let’s face it: most of us are a wee-bit quirky. It is with this in mind (and with the admission that we totally could be guilty of nearly any of these comments), that we present to you our favorite overheard conversations at Origins 2009:

  • “If I had the budget, I would totally have an augmented LED eye”
  • “There are a ton of girls at Subway who want me”
  • “See – here are the other two paragraphs of rules they couldn’t fit on the card”
  • “He’s definitely 50% human” (in all fairness, this was during a game of Battlestar Galactica: the Board Game by FFG)
  • “And by chicks, you mean dudes in drag”
  • “Eight is part of twenty-two <squeal>!”
  • “Because I will kill you. And then you will be dead.”
  • “He’s been waiting since puberty for someone to acknowledge that beard”
  • “I’m not sandbagging – I don’t even know what sandbagging is!”
  • “The rest of them are here – they’re just hiding from you and asked me not to say anything”
  • “Protesting causes hair loss! And bad breath!” – claims from a group of protestors…

What were the best lines you heard?