BK1SAG31-aThe band Invasion sees a heavy emphasis on Fantasy as a key element of good Metal. Guitarist Marek Steven explains:

I was a geeky kid who read fantasy novels whilst listening to early Metallica and Sleep. I started an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons society at college. A lot of the best metal is about wizards, the occult and environmentalism. It was the biggest mistake ever Peter Jackson not using Led Zeppelin on the Lord of the Rings movies.

In Colson Whitehead’s Sag Harbor, the character Benji sees summer at the beach as an opportunity to prove how cool he really is after being labeled a nerd at school for playing Dungeons & Dragons. (review)

It’s probably no surprise that internet video star Felicia Day plays Dungeons & Dragons. But did you know that she insists on matching the color of her dice to the personality of her character? (source)