I’m going to buck today’s trend of posts about people asking you for your hard-earned cash and give you some news that will effectively double your spending power! Wizards of the Coast has announced a pretty cool deal – this weekend only, if you buy $15 of WotC product at a participating store, you get to choose from one of four gifts (all of which retail for about $15 themselves):

  • A Magic the Gathering half-deck (these are the cheapest item being given away, going for about $10 online)
  • A D&D Miniatures Demonweb booster pack
  • A Star Wars Miniatures Clone Wars Starter Set
  • The Orc King by RA Salvatore in hardcover (this is the priciest item, retailing for about $28)

Now for the bad news – this offer is only available in the US, its territories and Canada.