The latest St John’s alumni magazine has a full-page spread on Dominic Crapuchettes and his game company Northstar Games. Source not yet available on line (I saw a copy at a friend’s house).

Monsterpocapalooza is a marketing campaign from Privateer Press, the creators of Monsterpocalypse, to convince store owners to create a promotional video in exchange for big gifts and a party.

Gizmos for Geeks pimps The Settlers of Catan.

The Seattle Times pimps the founder of Cranium, who’s now on a mission to rent rechargeable batteries to the third world.

Sean Sands in The Escapist became a board game convert, after playing History of the World, Battlestar Galactica, Dominion, Cash n Guns, and Diamant.

Board games of all sorts will soon be available at Chicago O’Hare airport AA Admiral’s Club, thanks to Chitag and the Chicago Board Games Meetup. (source)