AEG has posted several preview cards from the upcoming Celestial Edition set for Legend of the Five Rings; with the latest being the Crab Clan Stronghold, Shattered Peaks Castle.  Along with card previews, they are also delving into the ‘themes’, or playing styles, of each clan.  Several have already been posted.

Legend of the Five Rings, or L5R, is a card game based in Rokugan (stylized Japan).  Players employ various personalities (‘creatures’ in Magic parlance) to fulfill one of the game’s winning conditions that best suits their chosen clan:

  • Military Victory by destroying your opponent’s provinces (their ‘home bases’)
  • Honor Victory by gaining 40 Honor (the ‘life’ of your clan)
  • Dishonor Victory by causing your opponent to drop to -20 Honor
  • Enlightenment Victory by bringing the titular five rings into play through special means (You become ‘one with everything’.  This is trickier than it sounds… much like real enlightenment.)

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