magic_logoThe new ban and restricted list goes into effect on July 1. In Vintage format:

Thirst for Knowledge is restricted

Crop Rotation is no longer restricted
Enlightened Tutor is no longer restricted
Entomb is no longer restricted
Grim Monolith is no longer restricted

Vintage is the more powerful version of the Legacy format; both allow nearly all cards from all sets, but cards that are banned in Legacy are only restricted in Vintage.

Thirst for Knowledge appears to have been gaining some dominance in Legacy. It is the unrestriction of Crop Rotation that seems to be causing some stir. Crop Rotation costs a green mana and replaces a land with any other land from your deck – untapped. I’m not up on the Magic tournament scene, I admit, but it seems unforgiveable not to include 4 of these in a deck, as they simply thin your deck without any sort of drawback.