allyourbase.jpgMonsterpocalypse is the game that seems to be going out of its way to defy the critics and succeed where others have flopped. In the event that you missed it, Privateer Press launched the kaiju-inspired, collectible miniature game (and the rules are way more like a traditional miniature wargame than something like Heroclix) to great fanfare with the follow-up expansion, I Chomp NY, not quite receiving the fanfare and excited expectation that PP may have expected (that said, the game seems to be selling very briskly and interest on the game seems generally to be on the rise). Never ones to let go without a fight, PP launched a full out media blitz today for their next expansion, All Your Base (PP take note: this is a much better name than the previous expansion). The first tidbit is a six figure preview over at ICv2 and details about the new expansion which will be changing up the format a bit. There will still be dedicated unit booster boxes with 4 units and a building, but the monster boxes for this set will include 4 new units – morphers – and the super form they can combine to create (no doubt the same mechanic that will be used in the upcoming Voltron expansion). The new figures in the preview look outstanding and really raise the bar for prepainted miniatures.

But wait – there’s more! PP also announced a new contest – Monsterpocapalooza! In order to get out the word for the new expansion, PP is challenging gamers and their FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) to put together the biggest possible release event and document the process. PP fans will vote on the top 10 videos, with PP having final selection. The winner will get a blow-out release party for the third expansion – Monsterpocalypse Now! (see…also a much better name than I Chomp NY) – paid for and held by Privateer Press. Further, stores submitting video of their All Your Base release parties will be entered in a drawing where the store and every participant in the event win a free, all metal version of the Cyber Khan miniature (and it does look gorgeous…). Credit where credit is due – PP is definitely rolling out the quality support for this title.