originslogo.gifDave and I are at Origins this year and thought we’d give you a rundown of what’s going on this year. The Exhibition Hall isn’t open today (opens tomorrow) which means that its mostly open gaming and scheduled events (though the Battletech Simulators were open and had no lines). That said, it was a great time to meet a few of hobby gaming’s most notable names (including Tom Vasel and his former co-host, Joe Steadman – and yes, Joe, Dominion really is that good). Crowds were fairly light, though it was still easy to get in a game at both open gaming and the well known “Board Room” and “War Room”. So if you’re at Origins, what are the things you should be looking out for today?

  • Tickets and registration – lines at registration were somewhat long, but they’re moving quickly and are likely smaller than they will be tomorrow
  • Dice Tower ribbons – the folks at the Dice Tower have seeded Dice Tower ribbons around the show floor (I found piles at the tables behind the pre-registration kiosk and on the tables in front of the Board and War rooms
  • Virtual Battletech – no lines means no waiting this is the perfect time to get your Mechwarrior on
  • Finding your way – there’s been a bit of construction in Columbus over the past year, so they layout your familiar with may have changed (I personally spent way too much time walking up and down the halls as even the event staff aren’t fully briefed on the layout changes)

We’ll be posting to our Flickr stream and YouTube channel throughout the conference, so stay tuned (and if you’re at Origins, track us down)!