cubicle-7-logoCubicle 7 Entertainment, publisher of the roleplaying games Victoriana, SLA Industries, and Qin, has been acquired by the Rebellion company. Rebellion is the developer of a number of successful video games and also owns 2000AD (comic books), Abaddon Books (science fiction and fantasy novels), and Mongoose Publishing (also a British RPG publisher). Hopefully this move will give Cubicle 7 the resources it needs to follow through on its pending projects. Only now, about a year after the game was supposedly complete, is Cubicle 7 beginning to deliver a full production run of Starblazer Adventures. (Preorders are shipping in the UK and will soon follow in the U.S. and elsewhere.) The company will also need to do better if it’s to make a success of the Dr. Who RPG, which it appears to be targeting at a wider audience with a boxed set.