Chicago, IL: Man shot dead at a card game at his grocery store. (source)

Buxton, ME: Police break up and confiscate money and supplies from a poker game charity benefit for the Buxton Community Food Co-op. Way to go, Maine law-enforcement. (source)

Dallas, TX: Testimony given about a guy at SMU who ran poker games as a lure to sell cocaine to students. (source)

Yekaterinbur, Russia: Man shoots himself in head after losing money in a poker game. Didn’t manage to kill himself, but the bullet ricocheted around in his skull a few times. (source)

Calgary, CA: 16 year-old girl testifies about guy A who stabbed and killed guy B for playing strip-poker with her, which was a disrespect to her brother (guy C). Afterward, she helped wash the knife. (source)

Kingston, CA: Couple convicted of multiple sex acts with multiple young children, including nude card games (that was the least of the offenses, I’m sorry to say). (source)

Baghdad, Iraq: 7 people killed and 30 wounded in a bomb attack in a cafe mostly frequented by dominoes players. (source)

Not really sure what to do with this one – Worcester, UK: A convenience store which sells a huge range of CCGs such as Magic: the Gathering and World of Warcraft TCG, and also provides space upstairs for kids (under 18) to play, has just been granted a liquor license and intends to start selling. A number of people are bothered by this. (source)

Syracuse, NY: Police clear public square to investigate suspicious Sex in the City board game box, which turns out to contain the Sex in the City board game. (source)

Horden, UK: Teenager sets fire to parish church where ladies are playing dominoes (all escaped unhurt). (source)

South Annville, PA: 49 year-old man pleads guilty to raping girl over 10 year period; the girl was lured in when she was 7 years old by a card game. (source)

St. Catherine, Jamaica: Three men shot (two killed) at a card game (astoundingly not a dominoes game; there’s always a first). (source)

Decatur, GA: Teen stabbed to death at a neighbor’s card game. (source)