Davao City, Philippines: One man hacks another in the head with an axe during a game of Tong-its. (source)

Cincinnati, OH: One man shot after an argument at a dice game. (source)

NY, NY: Man pleads guilty to molesting two boys after inviting them to play “board games” in 2007. (source)

Atlanta, GA: Three police officers fired for playing Spades on the job (not for money). (source)

Baltimore, MD: One man cuts another with a broken bottle at a dice game. (source)

Waialua, HI: Man sentenced to 20 months for involvement in a cockfighting and card game gambling ring. (source)

Wadena, MN: Man gets punched in the face at a card game. (source)

Orkney, Scotland: Missing man was last seen playing Chess at a pub. (source)