Qatar: One mans stabs his manager to death at a Carrom game. (source)

Chicago, IL: Group of teens arrested for playing craps for cash (all of them admitted to it; learn your rights, kids). (source)

Memphis, TN: Man charged with second-degree murder for slaying over a card game. (source)

Honolulu, HI: News coverage of illegal card gaming in Chinatown. You are encouraged to report any sightings of this ongoing problem to the police. (source)

Not criminal: Mesa, AZ: Search for missing 85 yo woman who failed to show up for a card game. (source) Found 2 days later. (source)

NY, NY: Accused prison chaplain Rabbi forced to resign for favoring Jewish inmates by bringing them kosher food, dice and card games, videos and phone calls, and even arranging for an in-jail bar mitzvah. (source) I don’t get the problem here.

St Andrew, Jamaica: 5 shot, 1 killed, while playing dominoes (what else?) in a shop. (source)