adepticon.jpgThe D6 Generation was full of great information this week (seriously, why are you not listening to this podcast?)! In an exclusive interview with Hank Edley (Adepticon coordinator) and Andrew Hartland (the hardest working Press Ganger in Privateer Press‘ volunteer army, better known to most of us as Hacksaw76), it has been revealed that Adepticon 2010 will be including a broader variety of games beyond those from Games Workshop and will have a significant track dedicated to Privateer Press products! For those not familiar with Adepticon, its easily the largest miniature gaming-only conference outside of those hosted by GW themselves (though Historicon might be in the same size range). What this essentially means is that miniature gamers now have a conference that will cater specifically to their needs and style of play. Should make a very cool event even better!