Logo1_copy.pngMaybe the title is a bit harsh, but Games Workshop can be the darndest company to like sometimes. Take for example their stance on their IP on the Internet. There have been numerous instances of GW striking out at fan sites on the web (perhaps the most famous of these being the curious incident with the Golden Throne comic strip), but the latest cease & desist letter seems a bit late: Vassal 40K (the site that plays host to the 40K, Fantasy, Epic and Blood Bowl modules for the popular online tabletop, VASSAL, which has been active for several years now) has received a second C&D from GW. The proprietor of the site has decided to not fight the decision (in fact, he seems to have been expecting it) and has asked people to hold their rancor in check (a nice, but nearly futile request – I don’t know of any game company that generates so much hate). I’ll be honest, I never thought 40K Vassal was particularly ready for primetime, but I liked knowing there was an option for testing armies and playing with friends who were out of state (especially given the constantly increasing price of GW miniatures). Thanks to the Vassal 40K team for their years of work!