Video table game apparatus, system, and method of use – Some kind of video system technology to be used at poker gaming tables, to offer different kinds of side-bets. From Paltronics; see their product line, if you’re interested.

Roulette game based on results from a sporting event – A roulette game based on the patent that they already received for horse race based outcomes in December.

Tabletop basketball game – This game:


It can be played either as a roll and move game, or as a dexterity game of shooting baskets.

Roulette game apparatus and method – He doesn’t like the way the current roulette wheel is distributed. So not this:


But this:


For some reason ( explained over 30 pages), the second one is easier to understand for beginning players.

Two hand twenty-one wagering game – Yet another blackjack variant.

System and method for playing community hand poker games utilizing mathematical dealer qualifying criteria – From David Sklansky, author of numerous books on poker. This is a continuation of a patent from May, 2006, and it’s a Hold’em variant with a dealer.

Board game and method for playing the board game – A board game for up to 24 people. “A board game that simulates romance drama story lines.” Claims that the people won’t get bored when it’s not their turn because they’ll be enjoying the story that gets created during the game.


Method and apparatus for verifying players’ bets on a gaming table – Detecting bets as their placed, so that they can be locked in and then not sneakily removed during play. The patent claims an apparatus, but it doesn’t actually specify one, as far as I can tell.


Apportionment of pay out of casino dice game with escrow – “It would be an advantage and commercially viable to develop a knowledge-based casino game in which the house advantage is fixed, or narrowly limited, hence not subject to a range of possibilities depending on a player’s knowledge.” Some kind of system for creating a trivia based casino game where the house still holds an advantage overall.

Poker-type card game and method therefor – The abstract: “A poker-type game capable in which participants compete against a dealer in hands whose number of cards progressively increase. Play begins with two cards dealt to a dealer and two cards dealt to each player. Whoever has a superior two-card hand must place a wager into a transitional wagering area. At least three community cards are dealt creating first a three-card, then a four-card and ultimately a five-card poker hand. At each stage, whoever between the dealer and each at least one player has the inferior hand must place a wager equal to the ante wager into that player’s transitional wagering area. Whoever has the best five-card poker hand collects all wagers placed in the transitional wagering area.”

Takes some of the decision-making out of the game, near as I can tell. Extra bonus for having a hand above a certain amount, and possibility of a “bad beat” payout. Table makes 5% of the winner’s take.