Mechwarrior 4.jpgIts well established that I’m a closet Battletech freak, so when news dropped that Smith & Tinker (the current owners of the MechWarrior videogame property who are also working on a new version of the franchise) had authorized MekTek (bigger Battletech geeks than me – having put together 3 expansions for MechWarrior 4 to date!) to release MechWarrior 4 and all of its expansions for free as part of the 25th anniversary of Battletech, I had to take a moment. For those who aren’t familiar with the series, the MechWarrior videogames are a PC series of games that create a real-time simulation of the Battletech board game in intimate, loving detail. So, if you love Battletech, but can’t quite get to the table or just have some pent up nostalgia, give it a download (you can also pick it up at the recently revamped site)!

NOTE: At the time of posting, the downloads haven’t been made available on either site yet, but are expected to be up in the next few days.