living card gameAs addictive fun as collectible can be, we much appreciate Fantasy Flight’s switch to the living card game format, which gives the casual player an opportunity to benefit from an expanding game world and further play options without putting so much effort (and money) in to the acquisition of cards. Now the company is further extending the benefits of its card games for the casual player, who nevertheless enjoys some friendly competition. At Gen Con, in addition to the traditional tournaments for A Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu, Fantasy Flight will be sponsoring alternative League play that works like this:

  • Sign up at FFG HQ to receive a league ribbon and 10 tournament tokens.
  • Anywhere, anytime throughout the convention weekend, see someone else with the same ribbon and challenge them to a match.
  • The winner of the game takes a token from the loser.
  • Return to FFG HQ by 11:00 AM Sunday.
  • The player with the most tokens will win a special prize.