Dominion IntrigueDominion: Intrigue hits the streets Friday amid much anticipation by fans of the original Dominion. Fortunately, I’ve had a chance to play it a number of times already, having purchased a copy at Origins. Actually, Dominion was a game that I didn’t expect to like, but that opinion changed quickly after my first game! The basic mechanics are simple and easy to learn, the action is fast, yet intelligent play is clearly rewarded.

Intrigue is an expansion that adds just a touch more complexity. For example, in this box are two cards that are both Action and Victory, and one card that is both Treasure and Victory (those are—if you haven’t played the original—unusual dual-purpose cards). Also, several of the cards give you options to choose from, such as the Steward card: “Choose one: +2 Cards; or +2 Coin; or trash 2 cards from your hand.” Still, I found myself picking up the benefits and challenges of each quickly. Try out the “Best Wishes” recommended set. Even when it works against you, it’s hard not to appreciate the player who responds to a Torturer by voluntarily taking a Curse card, only to play a Masquerade and immediately pass it to their left. Or there’s the Scout and Wishing Well combination, where you get to reorder the top four cards on your draw deck, then guess the top card to put it in to your hand. Baron is a card whose value may not be apparent at first, but I love how well it fits the theme, as it encourages you to accumulate Estates.

Overall, a really great game that works well on its own or in combination with the original. The only question left—to sleeve the cards or not.