Fantasy Flight LogoMidnight Chronicles DVDAbout a year ago, Fantasy Flight Games started screening Midnight Chronicles, a movie based on the Midnight roleplaying game. Shortly after that I heard Christian Petersen speak at Gen Con about the company’s hope to broadcast the video as a television show on one of the cable channels. Christian even went so far as to say that Fantasy Flight had already developed plans for additional episodes. Here it is a year later and, unfortunately, it seems that the project is not working out exactly that way. Instead Midnight Chronicles is going straight to DVD, for which the company is now taking preorders. The DVD will be released August 13th (I suspect that was set to coincide with Gen Con). The movie will also be released as an electronic download in two packages, one the film alone and one with the script, the Midnight RPG rulebook, and a new adventure module based on the movie.

At the same time, Fantasy Flight is moving ahead with a couple of projects closer to its established line of business. There will be a new card game based on the Penny Arcade webcomic. Titled Penny Arcade, the game will put players in the positions of Gabe and Tycho as they battle each other with Attacks and Hijinks. Fantasy Flight is also launching a line of game accessories, starting with cards sleeves in 11 sizes and styles to match both board game cards and CCGs.