Brighton, UK: Eight men at illegal card game get robbed by two men with guns, and then call the police. (source)

Ho Che Min City, Vietnam: 50 police officers and two police dogs track down and arrest 19 people gambling in a forest. (source)

Iowa City, IO: Man shot and killed at a dice game. (source)

Bridgeport, PA: One man kills another over a beer pong game. Dead man’s last words: “Shoot me, shoot me, you guys ain’t got the (expletive)!” (source)

Dunn, NC: Robbers hit a private card game, kidnap a boy, and try to rob the boy’s grandparent’s house. (source)

Meihekou, China: Man burns down house because his wife wouldn’t give him money to play mahjong. (source)

Not criminal, but worth mentioning, both in China: A 40 year old woman foamed at the mouth, fainted, and fell off her chair from excitement at winning a game of mahjong. (source) And a 68 year old man slapped the table, fell off his chair, and broke his leg from excitement at winning a game of mahjong. (source)