Hampshire, UK: 69 year-old half blind pensioner waiting for his friends to show up at their usual card game beats up a 34 year-old attacker wielding a knife. (source)

Oakland, CA: 18 year-old on Ecstasy shoots and kills his friend during a game of dominoes. (source) Also in Oakland: One man shoots dead another at a dice game played at a mutual friend. (source)

Dover, DE: Man gets 66 years for robbing a card game: 11 victims, 3 years mandatory sentence each for “displaying a weapon”, and 3 years mandatory sentence each for “possessing a weapon”. (source)

Akron, OH: 70 year old Euchre game suddenly raided by police for illegal gambling. A policeman who was playing there was tipped off and left the game before the raid. (source)

Houma, LA: SUV swerves to avoid dog, hits car, car goes flying through barbershop window injuring four men playing dominoes. (source)

Plant City, FL: Four men playing a “board game” are shot by two intruders. (source)

Muncie, IN: Intoxicated 18 year-old boy chokes and beats his girlfriend over a game of Uno. (source)

Morganton, NC: Comics and collectibles store broken into and box with 1,200 Yu-Gi-Oh cards stolen. (source)

Elgin, IL: Man threatens to pull gun after police tell him to stop playing Craps. (source)

Austin, TX: Two men rob an illegal game room just before police come to shut it down. (source)

San Diego, CA: Four men sentenced and fined for cheating at card games in casinos to the tune of $2.5 million. (source)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia: 1 ringleader, and 39 apparently unknowing staff, all sentenced for participating in illegal online card game gambling ring. (source)

Rochester, NY: 4 men shot at a dice game. (source)

Iowa City, IO: Murder trial pushed back; last October one guy murdered another over a Chess game. He put the guys head between hs knees and squeezed. (source)